Rita Hayworth and Bee Gees – What?

Rita Hayworth and Bee Gees – What?

I got this in a email recently and thought it was a great fit for this site. The more things change, The more they stay the same.  Great job with this. Rita Hayworth was one of the most famous pin-up beauties for the troops during WW II. Rare talent. Some body put a lot of time getting the video and audio synched on this one. Check out Rita Hayworth and The Bee Gees! Turn you speakers on.

Rita Hayworth and Bee Gee's! Plus Gene Kelly, Fred astair, Frank Sinatra and Phil Silvers

This is absolutely outstanding ..... Somebody had a lot of fun with this and spent hours putting these clips together. Most of the people in the clips were deceased before the Bee Gee’s recorded “Stayin’ Alive.” Whether you are a Bee Gee's or Rita Hayworth fan or not...you are going to love this!

Most people don't even know what a great dancer Rita Hayworth was. It shows one thing and that is the music may change but the moves are timeless. They just don't make actors and actresses like this any more.

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